The best new spring 2020 fragrances

The seven fragrances we’ll be sniffing through summer.

Miu Miu

A lighter, airier version of the original lily of the valley-centric Miu Miu scent—this time housed in a transparent blue bottle.

Carolina Herrera

This perfume is more like a piece of home decor than a beauty product. But the scent inside is equally surprising. The blend of jasmine, cocoa, and tonka bean heats up on your skin, but it’s not so sexy that you couldn’t wear it to the office. Kind of like the perfect pair of patent black pumps.

Ex Nihilo

Though it boasts pink grapefruit, peach juice accord, and rose water as star notes, it’s the pink pepper berries and woody accord that transform this scent into something less overtly feminine.


Sisley Paris

If you’re the kind of person that sips ice water with more than one lemon, then you’ll love this effervescent take on a rose perfume. White bergamot and pink pepper lend a burst of freshness that sticks around, even as the rose and musk come into play.

Clean Reserve

Ginger, fig, lemon, mandarin, and mint give this green fragrance a unique and refreshing depth. It’s impossible to dislike, but we imagine those who love to cook would get a kick out of the fresh and familiar notes.



We don’t know what we love more—the aggressive name or the deliciously bold use of jasmine. Basically, it’s as close as you’ll get to sniffing the real thing.



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